Greywater Tips and Watering Larger Trees


Available at our farm for $30.00 ea. Recommended for trees of 100L or larger.


We haven't found the need to use grey water on the Farm because of our adequate water storage but having read many articles I have reprinted 2 of these below. I have no idea where the first one came from so I cannot acknowledge the writer.

Grey Water Tips

  • Collect the wash and rinse water from your washing machine by directing the out pipe into a watering can or bucket. This water can go straight on your garden and the plants will love it. The wash water has the most detergent in it, so rewater the same spot with the rinse water to reduce salt concentrations.
  • Use phosphate-free detergents. Phosphates can harm many popular native plants. The Planet Ark and Aware brands are suitable.
  • Create a water garden for your grey water to run through before it is tanked. An expert can help you install garden ponds, where water plants and UV exposure will help remove certain chemicals, break down bacteria and filter the water.
  • Using untreated grey water in your garden means you may have to cut back on the amount of fertilizer you use.
  • Your garden will gratefully drink the 200 to 800 Iitres of laundry water you'd otherwise waste each week.
  • Buy a pH testing kit from your nursery and do the easy test on your soil every few months to make sure the pH levels are what your plants need.
  • Avoid using grey water on vegetable gardens if you're going to eat the vegetables raw or lightly cooked.

The second one comes from a laundry fact sheet from Waterwise Systems, Telephone: 1300 133 354 which sourced the information from They also have a fact sheet that is very informative.

Which products are safest to use in my garden?

Back to Basics Laundry Liquid
Bright & Fresh
Greencare Laundry Liquid
Love n' Care Laundry Liquid
Purity Sensitive
So Gentle Laundry Liquid
Tri Nature Angelica Washing Conditioner

Biozet Phosphate Free
Earth Choice Laundry Liquid
Home Brand Laundry Liquid
Lux Pure Soap Flakes
Savings Laundry Liquid
Tri Nature Alpha Plus Laundry Liquid
Triple 7 Safewash

One point that stands out is watching out for any signs of phosphates, especially where natives are growing.